There was “nothing worse” than my “Scream 3” bangs

Courteney Cox. Ryan Miller / Shutterstock

A hairstyle horror. Courteney Cox rocked her fair share of onscreen hairstyles, but the super short baby bangs she wore to scream 3 are unquestionably his “worst” look to date.

During a Monday January 10, interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, the 57-year-old actress returned to the fringe now synonymous with Gale Weathers. “Each Scream I was trying to find a different look for her that was just too rude or ugly or too ”, the Friends star said Drew barrymore, who also starred in the franchise.

It didn’t take long to costar Neve campbell to emphasize that “the fringe” reigned supreme. “Oh that was the worst,” Cox added. “There was nothing worse. It was a great lesson in life because it will stay in the movie forever. “

Courteney Cox: There was

Courteney Cox in “Scream 3”. Dimension Films / Kobal / Shutterstock

Cox went on to explain that the bangs were meant to be short – but not this short. “I remember they were cut on set,” she explained, mentioning that there was only one set of clips to use for the entire shoot.

“You’re supposed to have one thing that starts here, way back and that’s where the part goes for the bangs,” Cox said, pointing the top of his head. Instead, they put them right in the middle of his head and started cutting. “I was like, ‘Well, I have no choice now.'”

While Cox might stick with her middle part and loose curls these days, it’s safe to say that her baby bangs were iconic at least. And given that decades have passed since the premiere, the actress is able to look back and laugh.

“Not the bangs !!!!!” she jokingly captioned an Instagram post in October 2020 that showed off the style. The year before, she had even pretended to cut baby bangs. “It’s Halloween and I was thinking to get into the spirit of things and watch some of the Scream movies,” she said in an Instagram video from October 2019. “I chose Scream 3 and I have noticed Gale Weathers had this infamous bangs. I think there’s nothing wrong with that, check this out.

She started to “see if we can bring them back” and grabbed a pair of scissors before cutting off a series of super short bangs. “I like it,” she said. What do you think? ”She asked before Ghostface, the franchise killer, appeared behind her.

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