Town of Shelburne, Nova Scotia gears up to host large film crew for Disney production

Last summer, interest in the town of Shelburne, Nova Scotia, as a possible location for the television adaptation of Esi Edugyan’s novel “Washington Black” began.

A spotting visited the region, after a few other tours, including a last with the producers of the show.

“Most of the producers and executives were from Los Angeles, the scout was from Halifax,” Shelburne Mayor Harold Locke said.

Shelburne has previously hosted major film and mini-series productions, which has had a major economic impact on the region.

“These people who come in will shop and spend locally, which benefits almost every business in the area,” Locke said.

Surrounding communities hope to play a supporting role in the spring filming. At its peak, production is expected to employ 150 people.

“There could be skilled labor and people working with film crews in our area as well and certainly we also have a lot of accommodations if there are Shelburne overflows,” Neil said. Mackenzie, the manager of Yarmouth and Acadian Shores. “We could certainly welcome them in Yarmouth and on the Acadian shores.

Pat and David Chute operate the historic Cooper’s Inn in Shelburne, where business was a bit on the rise last year after a dreadful 2020.

Their ownership has been spotted and could play a dual role in Disney production.

“It’s a big help after a long drought. Some people have passed the property twice so they know it very well. They look at things both from an accommodation point of view and from a film set point of view, ”says Chute.

The Chutes are awaiting a call in the coming weeks to confirm reservations at the Inn for the upcoming production of the miniseries.

The crew are expected to be in town for a little over a month, between early March and late May.

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