Valverde enters the heart of Saudi stadiums .. “Expulsion” and a decisive goal

Fede Valverde was once again decisive in the Super Cup of Spain, having led his Real Madrid side to the final match, after the game-winning goal he scored against Barcelona in the first extra period, in the coming game. finished 3-2, which took place at King Fahd Stadium in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The club from the Spanish capital have qualified for the Super Final, which is due to take place on Sunday evening.

The Uruguayan midfielder scored the goal after a quick counterattack from his Brazilian colleague Rodrigo, before Valverde put it into Ter Stegen’s goal in the 98th minute in first extra time.

It appears the 23-year-old is optimistic about the Saudi stadiums, which first showed this two years ago, facing the Spanish Super Cup final against Atletico Madrid, and the game was in Jeddah at the King. Abdullah City Stadium, when Valverde refused Atletico to take away the title. In the 115th minute of the second extra period, when Morata was alone in front of goal before Valverde got in his way and received a direct red card, Real Madrid won the title for the 11th time in their history thanks to penalties. .

Morata’s foul shot was a good start for the Uruguayan in 2020 and made him an important mainstay of the squad thereafter under the guidance of French coach Zinedine Zidane.

Valverde’s El Clasico goal against Barcelona on Wednesday night was a great opportunity for the player to regain confidence after the injury he suffered recently, on top of not having had enough playing minutes.

Valverde wasn’t spending any special time with the squad recently, which was reflected in the way he celebrated the goal, when he created his jersey and presented his name and number to the public, and the Spanish newspaper “Marca” said in a report that the method of celebration was not a pure coincidence, but rather related to the period in which he lives. With the team now, whose influence has recently waned, and he has a lot been on the bench.

“Marca” said the player was not protesting Ancelotti’s decisions and kept working, but he was worried in the last few matches, and from there came that anger in the celebration, as if telling fans that “Fedi” is back.

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