Victoria Beckham’s brand returns to “feminine and curvy” | Fashion

Victoria Beckham will return to the bodycon dresses she launched her fashion career with in an attempt to bounce back from lost sales during the pandemic.

The “VB Body” dresses, in a dense and compact mesh designed to shape the body and accentuate the curves, will be launched in April, marking a break with the loose silhouettes that have become the signature of its loss-making haute couture brand.

In a preview at her London studio, Beckham said the change was influenced by her time in Florida, where her husband, David Beckham, holds a stake in the Inter Miami football team.

“As I got into fashion, the more layers I wore. I buried myself under the clothes. But in Miami, if you go out at night in a midi skirt and a ponytail blouse, people think you’ve lost your mind. It’s a normal outfit for me in London and I still like to wear it. But Miami opened my eyes to how feminine and curvy looks are so important to so many women.

Beckham’s luxury brand lost £ 8.6million in 2020. The results were an improvement over the loss of £ 16.8million in 2019, due to a high-performing beauty line, but the brand has yet to make a profit. Last year, the brand’s average prices were slashed by 40% with a move to casual wear and simpler fabrics, in an effort to expand customer base.

Price tags for the VB Body range will start at £ 90. “This is not a vanity project and commercial is not a bad word,” said Beckham, who praised CEO Marie Leblanc, “for putting the company back in the best shape it has ever had. never known “.

Attendance at the brand’s flagship product in Mayfair remains well below pre-pandemic levels, although virtual dating from the store via FaceTime with in-home customers is driving sales.

Beckham says she thinks it’s time to “get back to normal, start dressing properly, and get back to the office.” Photography: VB

“I dress women to go out, to go to work, to travel – all things that have been limited over the past two years, so business has been a real challenge,” Beckham said. “I think it’s time to get back to normal, start dressing properly, and get back to the office, if I’m perfectly honest. It’s great to see my full office again.

Financial restrictions are expected to rule out a runway show during London Fashion Week. “Shows are really expensive, and if we were to have one in February, we would have to commit to it now. For a small independent brand, it’s a huge investment, ”Beckham said.

A scheduled show was canceled due to the lockdown in 2020, resulting in a significant loss for the company. The designer is joining a growing list of cancellations curtailing the approaching runway season, with Giorgio Armani, Ann Demeulemeester, Brunello Cucinelli and JW Anderson reporting all events live or rotating to a digital format.

Beckham’s “pre-fall” haute couture collection, which goes on sale in April, brings its mantra of “bringing back the sexy” to its signature understated silhouette. The curved seams have been optimized on long skirts and dresses “to make the most of a nice butt and a good waist, to celebrate being a woman.” I no longer want to dress for comfort or hide under loose clothing.

The collection’s bright citrus undertones were inspired by the pistachio seating and marmalade-colored walls at Restaurant Sant Ambroeus in Palm Beach, Florida. “We were having dinner and I had David [Beckham] take a picture of me so I can send it to the workshop, ”the designer said. “A nod in bad taste makes the collection cooler.

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