Winners of the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards

The Korea First Brand Awards 2022 held their annual ceremony in Seoul on January 13th!

Each year, the Korea First Brand Awards conduct consumer surveys and consult with experts to choose the most exciting brands that consumers look forward to and that they believe will be at the forefront of the coming year. . For this year’s awards, they conducted 2,947,680 surveys from November 1-12, 2021.

Check Out The 2022 Korea First Brand Awards Individual / Culture Winners List Below!

Female idol: Oh my girl
Male idol: NFB
Female Idol (Rising Star): espa
Male Idol (Rising Star): SMS
Rookie Female Idol: LIGHTSUM
Rookie Male Idol: MIRAE

Female solo artist: Jeon somi
Male solo artist: Kang daniel
A singer : Hi Lee
Male singer: Lee Seung Yoon
Hip-hop artist: CL
Trotting singer: Lim Young Woong
Unique musician: Norazo
Cross group: Forestelle

Actress: Jeon Mi Do
Actor: Jo Jung Suk |
Actress (rising star): Ahn Eun Jin |
Actor (rising star): Gong Myung
Beginning actress: Jung Ho Yeon
Beginner actor: Chae Jong Hyeop
Idol-Actress: Jung Chaeyeon of the DIA
Idol-Actor: Ji Hoon Park

Female multi-artist: June So Min
Male multi-artist: Gong Myung
Radio DJ: Red velvet wendy
Trotting leader: Lee Chan just won
Sport commentator : Han yoo mi

Star of the female variety: Lee Eun Ji |
Star of the male variety: Lee yong jin
Star of the female idol variety: Mijoo by Lovelyz
Male Idol Variety Star: Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN

Web Variety Program: “SNL Korea”
Variety observation program: “At work today”
Sports variety program: “Racket Boys”
Varied cuisine program: “Baek Jong Won’s Class”
Parental variety program: “My golden children”

Female advertising model: Kim yeon koung
Male advertising model: Lim Young Woong

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

Watch ‘Get to Work Today’ with English subtitles below:

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