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Dexter: new bloodThe final episode of is out now, definitely ending Michael C. Hallthe beloved journey of the serial killer. The original Dexter the series had a bumpy ride that led to a final that no one was happy with. However, the revival brought Dexter Morgan back after eight years to give the Bay Harbor Butcher the ending it really deserved – at least, according to the showrunner of the series. Clyde Phillips. New blood reintroduces us to the titular serial killer 10 years after the events of the original series finale, now living in upstate New York under a pseudonym and having apparently given up his Dark Passenger for good.

But what exactly is happening in the Dexter: new blood The finale of the series? And how does it all end? We’ll break it down for you here.


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Don’t get caught

Dexter: new blood opens with Dexter Morgan (Hall) living a quiet life in the snowy little town of Iron Lake, New York under the pseudonym Jim Lindsay. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, Dexter has spent the past decade holding back his Dark Passenger – that is, until irresponsible playboy Matt Caldwell (Steve M. Robertson) kills a sacred white deer in the woods near the territory claimed by the native people of Iron Lake, which leads Dexter to rampage and ultimately kill the young man. Unfortunately, Dexter’s impulsive murder puts him in the crosshairs of Matt’s father, Kurt (Clancy Brown), unofficial mayor of Iron Lake and, ultimately, a prolific serial killer in his own right.

Kurt uncovers the truth about his son’s death after finding titanium screws in the Iron Lake garbage disposal crematorium, where Dexter burned Matt’s body. The screws had been surgically inserted into Matt’s knee after a drunken boat accident, and since the titanium does not melt, they were the only evidence left by the Bay Harbor butcher. Instead of bringing the evidence to the police, Kurt decides to take matters into his own hands, which leads to a cat-and-mouse game that ends with Kurt’s ultimate disappearance.

Kurt, however, takes several steps to torment Dexter’s life from beyond the grave, sending Matt’s titanium screws to Iron Lake Police Chief Angela Bishop (Julia jones), Dexter’s girlfriend. Having already learned Dexter’s real name and found out about his background as a forensic specialist in Miami Metro homicides, Angela is already investigating her boyfriend. So Kurt’s posthumous gift is the last piece of the puzzle Angela needs to discover Dexter’s true nature. In Dexter: new bloodThe finale of, Angela arrests Dexter for the murder of Matt Caldwell. With Dexter behind bars, Angela contacts Miami Subway Sergeant Angel Batista (David Zayas) to inform him that his former colleague is alive and well. Together, the two agents decide to reopen the Bay Harbor Butcher case. Dexter knows there’s no way to stop Angela from learning the truth behind bars. Nevertheless, since the first rule of her adoptive father Harry (Jacques Remar) the code is “don’t get caught”, Dexter takes extreme measures to escape.

First, Dexter reveals the truth about Kurt’s ways of serial killing – and where his bodies are buried – to keep Angela away from the police station. Then, once he’s alone with Sergeant Logan (Alain miller), Dexter deceives the lawyer and ultimately kills him just to retrieve the keys to the cell. There is no justification for Logan’s death other than Dexter’s survival instinct, as the sergeant is unmistakably a good person. Plus, considering how the killer also tried to grab a knife to keep Angela from stopping him, Dexter: new bloodThe finale finds the perfect way to show the audience, once and for all, that Dexter is a monster. Even though the Bay Harbor Butcher takes out monsters uglier than him, any questionable ethics of Dexter’s actions are dismissed once he’s cornered. Ultimately, Dexter is a cold-blooded killer, like any of his victims, which means he deserves the same fate.

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Like father, (not quite) like son

While Kurt is on the trail of his son’s killer, Dexter must face his own parental puzzles once Harrison (Jack alcott) arrives at Iron Lake. Ten years after Dexter sent him to live with Hannah (Yvonne strahovski), Harrison tracks down his father and demands answers about his past. Throughout the season, Dexter: new blood plays with the idea that Harrison has his own blackness, a killer instinct inherited from his father. Delighted to have someone in his life to share his Dark Passenger with, Dexter ends up revealing part of his true nature to Harrison. Dexter manipulates Harrison with great self-defense justice stories, never admitting that he enjoys torturing, killing, and dismembering his victims.

Blinded by his urge for human connection, Dexter takes Harrison to kill Kurt. While Harrison has his own issues and violent tendencies, the kid is obviously disturbed by Dexter’s ritual. The young man can understand how taking out serial killers can be a good thing, but he’s disgusted with all the blood and body parts – a clear sign that Harrison isn’t quite like his father.

Dexter: new blood leads Dexter and Harrison to a decisive showdown alone in the woods. After escaping from prison, Dexter is ready to get out of Iron Lake with Harrison. At first, the young man follows his father’s instructions. However, once Harrison realizes that Dexter killed Logan just to get away, he can no longer ignore the truth. Harrison knows that Dexter deserves to pay for his crimes and that his vigilante story is just a cover to hide his underhand nature. But, more importantly, Harrison understands that his darkness is different from that of his father.

Harisson is angry all the time, which is understandable given that he saw his mother die at the hands of the Trinity slayer (John lithgow), so that his father abandons him later. Having to fend for himself in the world after the death of his foster mother, Harrison was also exposed to bad people, which also taught him to be violent. So Harrison is, without a doubt, a troubled person – but he doesn’t like killing people, and he doesn’t feel excited about stalking human beings. This means that Harrison can hope for a normal life if he doesn’t have his father’s shadow to drag him into the darkness.

Once Dexter realizes his son won’t run away with him, the killer decides his safety is more important than parenthood and begins dating on his own. Harrison points a gun at his father, begging him to turn to the police. Dexter initially refuses, knowing that he will get the death penalty if he is tried in Florida. Harrison says Dexter might deserve it, given all the pain he’s caused. The killer is forced to confront all the innocent people who have died from his addiction, including Harrison’s mother, Rita (Julie benz) and Dexter’s sister Debra (Jennifer charpentier).

Dexter realizes that he will never get rid of his black passenger, and that as long as he’s alive Harisson can never be normal. For the first time in his life, Dexter puts another person above their safety and freedom and causes Harrison to shoot him. Harrison pulls the trigger, taking down a monster like his father has done hundreds of times before. However, the young man does not take pleasure in his actions, which makes him a different type of person than Dexter.

Angela arrives at the scene, after witnessing the incident, and gives Harrison a chance to escape and build a life for herself, wiping the gun and taking responsibility for Dexter’s murder herself. As for Harrison, he was last seen walking away from Iron Lake with a smile on his face. There is no doubt that Harrison will be marked by every ugly thing Dexter brings into his life. However, without his father, he finally has a chance to be a better person and control his violent impulses.

As for Dexter, by sacrificing his life for his son’s release from the family heirloom, Dexter redeems himself with the first act of true love of his entire life. It’s a tragic ending, no doubt, but one that brings the Bay Harbor Butcher to justice on its own terms. It’s been a hell of a ride, but Dexter is finally finished. For real this time.

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